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New App Gives Users Convenient Way to Learn English, Provides Ideal Platform for Both Teachers and LearnersNew App Gives Users Convenient Way to Learn English, Provides Ideal Platform for Both Teachers and Learners

People who want to learn English have a convenient new tool to do so. English on the Go is a new app developed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it is the world's first English study social networking service app. English on the Go was developed by the company's founder and CEO, Mark Kim, who, along with a team of five other developers and executives spent two years working on the concept of the app prior to being presented to the public. In addition to Kim, the team was comprised of Timothy Ways, CFO, Minsoo Kim, CTO and iOS developer, Johnny Jin, server programmer, and James Choi, Android developer.

Mark Kim became interested in being part of a language revolution when he realized that a system that helped people learn English from their own smart phones could benefit more than one billion people around the globe. "More and more internet traffic is created on mobile devices, and language education can benefit by adapting to this new reality."

The app makes it easy for English teachers to post lectures for English learners. Teachers can create, post, and share lectures on the mobile device wherever they are using their smart phone or similar device. Lectures are broken up into shorter and easier to understand formats which are focused around a particular theme. People learning the language are able to ask and answer questions which benefit not only those students, but also other students working on the lesson. Learners are able to share English expressions with others, as well as people who are following them to explain or ask for better understanding of those expressions. The user can select a theme of an English expression. This theme will be input each time the user logs in to the app until the user changes the theme. Users can find people to follow on the social network based on expressions and lectures they have posted. This creates a practical way to better learn the langue in its everyday use. Lectures and interesting or memorable expressions can be archived and kept in an electronic "notebook". The developers have created an algorithm for English on the Go feeds that allow a user to be located and followed based upon their input of, and usage of, themes, followers, search history, and other metrics.

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This product was designed to be accessible for Android and iPhone users around the world who want to increase their English skills. People who might wish to use the app include those who plan a trip to an English speaking country, and also students who want to improve their English skills, or people who plan to move to an English speaking country.

Source: PRNewswire / Nov. 18, 2015