New section of the eCCO Magazine: Mediation


eCCO Magazine’s editorial team decided to create the Mediation Section.eCCO Magazine’s editorial team decided to create the Mediation Section.

The editor-in-chief of eCCO Magazine said: "Mediation - mediation between two partners - is impossible without effective communication. So mediation is actually communication, namely personal communication for the benefit.
In a dispute between two partners, the crisis situation is often caused by poor communication. So the parties need a professional to mediate between the two parties. I could say, that the mediator acts as an interpreter because the parties do not understand each other, even if they both speak their mother tongue. "Speech is just a source of misunderstandings." - said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The role of a mediator is the same as the public relations professional. The Public Relations specialist is the interpreter on the bridge. At both ends of the bridge are the two parties, and the task of the Public Relations practitioners is not only to mediate between the two parties but to create mutual understanding based on mutual benefits between the parties. The task of mediation is almost the same. The establishment of mutual understanding and the establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship based on it." - stated Thomas Barat, the Editor in Chief of the CCO Magazine.

Given that eCCO Magazine considers the development of the public relations profession to be its main task, the above is also true for the mediation profession. Mediation is an interactive process in which the mediator helps the disputed parties resolve the conflict. The mediator manages interactive and effective communication between the parties. That’s why eCCO Magazine’s editorial team decided to create the Mediation column.

The Editor-in-chief of CCO Magazine wishes to all readers a good read for the articles and information that appear in this section.

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