Realpolitik: What is the New World Order?

new trailer eThe Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) at New Jersey City University (NJCU) and Connecting Bridges and Borders and Global Business and Global Affairs Program and the “Mediation” Page of the eCCO Magazine would like to draw readers' attention to a new free Webinar: Realpolitik: What is the New World Order? 

Realpolitik: What is the New World Order? 

Professor David Weiss, the director of the program said: "On this exciting next episode of Connecting Bridges and Borders, we are speaking with Zoltan Feher, who is a diplomat-scholar, an Adjunct Professor at Tufts University, Research Fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and an expert on US-China relations and political risk. He is here to discuss his research on US-China competition, especially in the context of Covid-19 and through the prism of the concept of Realpolitik." 

Zoltan Feher wrote an article on these topics, and the eCCO Magazine published it: How Can the World Escape Captivity?

Premieres of the Webinar: May 15, 10:00 AM Please click the photo to see the Webinar / Podcast

new trailer e

Speakers of the Podcast

Zoltan Feher Diplomat, lawyer, scholar, leader. Expert on government relations, foreign policy, and geopolitical risk. International and government relations analyst and practitioner with 15+ years of demonstrated achievements in delivering efficient management and outstanding analytical work. Results-driven professional known for excellent understanding and working knowledge of the United States, European Union, NATO, Central, and Eastern Europe, Turkey, geopolitical risk, and global security.

Professor David Weiss Founder and Director the Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) & “The Connecting Bridges & Borders Through Business Platform”, which focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship as one of the key areas of FDI cross border practice at New Jersey City University School of Business promotes higher education research and policy to promote international Global Business.

As Professor and Policy Researcher within the Business Management Department and situated at the IDR, we utilize values of mediation to find innovation to advance efficiency for cross border trade and commerce within the global economic trading system for goods, services, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


The Webinar / Podcast organized by NJCU / Institute for Dispute Resolution (IDR) & “The Connecting Bridges & Borders Through Business Program"