Facts Alone Won’t Destroy Fake News

"Facts Alone Won’t Destroy Fake News"The editor of the e CCO Magazin would like to draw the attention of the readers, the Medium wrote: "Facts Alone Won’t Destroy Fake News" 




Nisha Mody wrote an article on the site of Medium.

At work one day, I received a call from a retired doctor who was concerned that their grandchildren were hooked on television and sugary drinks. It seemed that the kids’ parents often leaned on junk food and iPhones as a means to keep the children quiet. But neither parent would listen to the potential hazards of reinforcing bad habits for kids — not even when the warnings were issued by the caller, a medical professional. “You were a doctor ages ago!” the parents would respond, laughing off the advice.

Desperate for research to support their argument, the doctor turned to me for assistance. “Can you help me find information that has evidence to prove that drinking sweetened juice and watching TV all day isn’t healthy?”


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Source: The Medium / Remark of the editor of e CCO Magazin: Photo by Hayden Walker on Unsplash