What hope for slow journalism?

GENThe editor of CCO Magazine would like to draw readers' attention to the article published by the GEN (Global Editors Network): "James Harding and the Founding Team of Tortoise Media discuss the opportunities and challenges of practicing slow journalism"

Ana Lomtadze wrote: "Can slow journalism help attract readers back (and make them pay)? GEN spoke with James Harding and the Founding Team of Tortoise Media, a recently launched UK news startup that calls on its readers to ‘slow down, wise up’.

The outlet was founded by the former director of BBC News James Harding, the former president of the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Katie Vanneck-Smith, the former ambassador of the US to Sweden and the UK Matthew Barzun and the founder of Nexus Management Ceci Kurzuma.

We spoke about the mission of Tortoise as well as its attempt to engage its audiences off screen — through ThinkIns, live meetings, during which Tortoise members and guests can join a conversation on a particular topic that it is covering. We also discussed slow journalism more generally — the opportunities and challenges as well as potential risks."

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Source: GEN (Global Editors Network) Ana Lomtadze 10/24