The Global Public Relations Handbook

The editor of the eCCO Magazine offers a book to readers: The Global Public Relations Handbook - Edited by Dejan Verčič and Krishnamurthy Sriramesh. The editor of the eCCO Magazine offers a book to readers: The Global Public Relations Handbook - Edited by Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Dejan Verčič. 


Book Review


This edition of The Global Public Relations Handbook: Theory, Research, and Practice offers state-of-the-art discussions of the global public relations industry blending research-based theory with practice presented in essays from both academics and practitioners.

The 28 essays in three sections take into account changes in the global communication landscape especially since the second edition. The first section contains essays on the interplay between public relations and international political systems, economic systems and levels of development, societal culture, different media systems including digital media, and activism.

Essays in the second section discuss the communication activities of various global actors such as corporations (including family-owned enterprises), non-profits, governments (and public sector enterprises), global public relations agencies, IGOs such as the European Union and NATO and "informal" organizations such as hactivist groups, terrorists, and failed states.

The third section discusses key global communication issues such as climate change, character assassination as a communication tool, internal communication, risk and crisis communication, public affairs, and public diplomacy.

An essential resource for students, researchers, and practitioners of public relations, strategic communication, and international communication.

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About the Editors

Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, PhD, is Professor of Public Relations and Director of the Professional Masters in Corporate Communication program at the College of Media, Communication, and Information, University of Colorado, Boulder. His award winning teaching and research experience spans five continents covering topics such as culture and public relations, globalization and public relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Public Relations for Development.

Dejan Vercic, PhD, is Professor, Head of Department of Communication and Head of Centre for Marketing and Public Relations at the University of Ljubljana, and Partner and Knowledge Director in strategic communication company Stratkom d.o.o., Slovenia. His research focusses on digitalization, globalization and strategic communication.