Announcement from IPRA

The IPRA, International Public Relations Association issued an Announcement. The CCO Magazine publish this announcement.The IPRA, International Public Relations Association issued an Announcement. The CCO Magazine publish this announcement.





Announcement from IPRA

Dear Members,

as you know, IPRA has an arrangement with the publisher Routledge to offer discounts on a selection of PR related books to its members. As part of our commitment to offer relevant Member Services, IPRA has established an agreement with the publisher Routledge. Under this agreement we offer our members a 20% discount on a selection of books on Public Relations written by renowned authors and covering a wide range of topics including global PR, international relations, social media, cross-cultural PR and much more.

IPRA is delighted to include a new book with contributions from IPRA members.
International Public Relations Perspectives from deeply divided societies
Edited by Ian Somerville, University of Ulster, UK, Owen Hargie, University of Ulster, Maureen Taylor, University of Oklahoma, USA and Margalit Toledano, University of Waikato, New Zealand
Series: Routledge New Directions in Public Relations & Communication Research.

International Public Relations: Perspectives from deeply divided societies is positioned at the intersection of public relations (PR) practice with socio-political environments in divided, conflict and post-conflict societies. While most studies of PR focus on the activity as it is practiced within stable democratic societies, this book explores perspectives from contexts that have tended to be marginalized or uncharted. Presenting research from a diverse range of societies still deeply divided along racial, ethnic, religious or linguistic lines, this collection engages with a variety of questions including how PR practice in these societies may contribute to our understanding of PR theory building. Importantly, it highlights the role of communication strategies for actors that still deploy political violence to achieve their goals, as well as those that use it in building peace, resolving conflict, and assisting in the development of civil society.

Simply follow this link to the IPRA landing page on the Routledge website to buy this book and others in the selection, paying the publisher directly at the special IPRA prices.